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    The Real:

    Assume we walk along a cord
    impossible to break, infinite in length, symbolic
    of that other cord between the embryo and life –

    no surprise then
    when the cord is threatened
    and we comprehend the possible cut

    see the blood
    hear the scream
    know the smell that permeates all

    we time-travel back, find ourselves
    frozen in the wedge between our mother’s thighs
    the light that hurts and calls,

    the loss of her heartbeat
    except along that cord,
    the thump…thump…thump… of life

    and then the brutal cut
    the dazzling moment of death into life –
    fall back into understanding

    continuity is the mind’s way
    of putting all the unconnected gaps

    the whole
    is space
    with landing points in between.

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    Such a set of imagery moving forward to its conclusion that makes one think and consider. I think you might tweak S2 a little bit to make the language more descriptive, but that is all that I see.

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    In the last two stanzas I think we can take one step further:
    Look closely at the gaps, they connect and distinguish. Only...they are more difficult to find.

    I like the poem, something to think about. In your sixth S, I'd rather write :"the dazzling moment of separating lives" I hope there is no death involved here.

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    Hi Marjon,

    death of the embryo which must happen for the baby to live

    also death as real for the baby for life also to be real.

    The gaps is an attempt to highlight that all moments are connected only afterwards, and all moments can be the last moment - that "shocking" truth if often associated with trauma (in some theories) because it shatters the absolute belief in continuity. Thank you for stopping by to read and comment.

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    Thanks for explaining. That makes sense, I never thought of the role of gaps this way. Years ago I wrote a little poem about gaps and its importance. See if I can dig it up again.
    I appreciate your answer very much.

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    Dannyboy - Ironic that the cord brings life but must be cut to start the living. Now there's a gap for ya! Thanks for sharing. Namyh


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