When You Lose Interest in Your Protagonist's Name, Yet Your Book is Published

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Thread: When You Lose Interest in Your Protagonist's Name, Yet Your Book is Published

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    When You Lose Interest in Your Protagonist's Name, Yet Your Book is Published

    My MC's first name is my published book is Alyssa. I have been attached to naming her that for a long time. However, I am losing interest in her first name for some reason. The name is nice but I'm going through a phase where I want to change her name to something more unique. And not because I want the story to stand out.
    I did some research on changing your characters' names after your book is published. However, there was nothing relevant. I guess my only option is leave my MC's name alone, especially because it's in the series title, and write another story using a unique name I'm interested in. I presume character names are set-in-stone after your stories are published. The only exception is if there is a legal issue and you have to change the characters' name to avoid trouble. Am I right?
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    I think if you're looking at a possible 2nd edition of a title, where you introduce new edits, there's no reason why that couldn't be a part of the new edits. If you're talking about just altering the 1st edition... hm. If it's self-published, it's doable, but as most readers would have bought it with the original name, would you have to make it free for a while to allow them to purchase the up-to-date version? If it's via a publisher, then that's a different kettle of fish. You'd need to talk to them.

    It's tricky, and it's a hard decision.

    I did change mine, but I did it via 1st v 2nd rights as I re-published the story via a 2nd publisher. But then substantial edits were made in the 2nd right story, along with the name changes.
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    My book is self-published. I am actually considering a new first name for my character. I know how to proceed with it in the content and other promotion materials, like the title and blurb, but how do I communicate the update? The story and other elements will stay the same, though. This won't disappoint readers, will it? My book has reached several people. It is currently perma-free on Amazon and has had hundreds of downloads since. However, not only did I lose interest in my MC's current first name, but her name also sounds pretty similar to a celebrity. Of course, she's not a representation of the celebrity, Melissa McCarthy. I just named her before hearing of Melissa McCarthy.
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    The thing about self publishing or Indie publishing is that you do any damned thing you please to your books.
    Just the other day I republished a 2nd edition with a new cover on a book I published years ago.

    You can change artwork, characters names, add/delete chunks of text, new covers, recompile a better eBook...
    You own it, you control it. You can even unpublish it.

    Just mark it as 2nd edition, and do whatever U want.

    PS: I get to show off my new cover. I paid $80 bux for that artwork!

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    Something else to consider: If you are writing a series of books then you absolutely SHOULD go back and tweak those previous copies. You should also be standardizing the print covers so they look right on the shelf together.

    So, yes, going back and editing a published book is a thing.

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    Sounds good. So if I do change my MC's first name, stating that in the description as well what the previous name was will avoid or reduce confusion with future readers? I do currently have 34 reviews on Amazon as well as a paperback. I'm guessing that it's best to start a new separate edition instead of replacing what I already have with the same asin. Am I right?

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    Those people have already read the book. The copy they have of you book will not be updated. It will remain a first edition eBook for ever and ever.
    Only new buyers will see the changes.
    Unless you have sold thousands of books, it's not like you are upsetting a buncha fans.
    Edit, fix, do whatever you need to do to the book.
    The sooner the better because the more new readers who will see the new version.


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