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    Confessions VI

    There was an evening back when
    when I was young
    when the blood
    was a litter of hounds bounding
    everywhichway and back
    when my tongue lolled
    under sun and moon
    as they brought me to the edge
    of extinction
    every ten minutes or so
    when joy was potent
    the body quick to refill
    when I discovered the one I thought I loved
    as all young pups must
    was actually having a better time
    with my much older brother.

    That evening I found a parkland.

    Freshly planted trees…
    I uprooted each and every one.

    The pain loitered, kicking my heart,
    just another lamp post.

    The trees have taken root…I dream
    them new leaves
    when things turn sour
    as things invariably do.

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    I like this poem, the meaning is there and the imagery is a blessing. Also the way you described the leaves and i think you may have something here. So good work.

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    This reads like a revelation and it is so powerful in that regard. You have the set-up, the moment, and then the digression. It reads fluidly and truthfully. Nicely done!


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