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Thread: What Are You Doing?

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    Sofiya, Bulgaria
    I became a dad 3 months ago and picking up writing again.

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    sitting up drinking tea at three thirty am waiting for time to elapse so I can take more paracetamol without destroying my liver, and hopefully return to bed and sleep this time.
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    Trying to jolly myself into going to work even though I'm dreading it. We who are about to die salute you...

    Jolly just isn't the word for it.

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    Right this moment sitting in my underwear at this keyboard.
    I WAS wondering what I'd do with my last 20 minutes before dressing up and going out for the day.
    Revisiting this forum after a over a year's hiatus came to mind, and I'm happy for it.

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    I'm tossing out (recycling) my old programming books and textbooks. If I ever want to program again, all the info I need is online. Or most of it, anyway.

    I'm saving my old art history books, though. Those are fun to look through every once in a while. History never becomes obsolete.

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    Listening to Ancient Vedic Radio
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    I am sitting here looking stupid, as usual. Taking a break from cleaning and cooking for the weekend.
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    I just feel blah. Winter, blah. The political situation in the USA, blah. BLAAAAAH!!!

    Ain't that a shame. My tears fell like rain.


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    For no reason at all, I sometimes like to look at pictures of women writers, and sometimes I find they have something to say.
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