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Thread: What Are You Doing?

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    Re-watching Season Three of Rick and Morty, and waiting impatiently for the release of Season Four.
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    Reading Jeff Shaara's novels of the American Revolution. My God, I have so much to learn...

    *takes notes*

    I will also try to not beat myself up over not doing this a decade earlier.

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    Waiting for my mom to come back.
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    I am drinking coffee and trying to finish up a flash story that I started last night. To me, endings are the hardest.

    I'm happy because one of my grown kids took a suggestion I made and ran with it. Now I feel all wise and everything. But don't worry, it won't last!

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    I am quite busy planning a day of perfect performance. Oh, yes. I will hit every item on my checklist today and be pretty well perfect. Whoopie!

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    Nah. Maybe I'll be perfect tomorrow.

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    OMG! I have missed the first fifteen minutes of Love After Lock-Up!

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    I just came home from being a judge at a local high school debate event! My head and bottom hurt. I sat and listened to four teens present their cause to me for over an hour and then I had to score them. I am one of those people who nod in understanding when I am listening to someone talk, so I had to really struggle to not do that when faced with the compelling, argumentative, citation-stammering foursome. They were so eager! But one side of the group was 12 minutes late to start, so I got to see pictures of the others' family pets as we waited and that was fun. I'm exhausted now and may dream of hearing the word "judge," in my sleep. It was what the kids said, like, every three seconds.
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    I am about to make some oatmeal-raisin-nut cookies for my grown son. Not for myself. Oh no. Nope. Not at all!

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    I have the dishwasher running, the washing machine running and I'm cleaning up the house. Soon it will be time to pick up my groceries. It's wonderful to order it all online and have them bring it out and load it into the car. Looking forward to my junk TV shows tonight.


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