Review of Richard Powers' book, The Overstory: A Novel.
By L. G. Cullens May 17th, 2019

Book reviews have always been easy to write, save for this one. All that comes to my mind is a clumsy "Wow." The insight and sheer brilliance of this wordsmith in captivatingly stretching my perception leave me without adequate language to do the book justice. My visual sense sees the book cover artwork capturing more meaning than my words could.

All I can do is offer a quote that this book gives real meaning to:
"Literature is a process of producing beautiful lies that tell more truth than any facts." ~ Julian Barnes

And a snippet that may provide an inkling of what the reader is in for.
"That's the trouble with people, their root problem. Life runs alongside them, unseen. Right here, right next. Creating the soil. Cycling water. Trading in nutrients. Making weather. Building atmosphere. Feeding and curing and sheltering more kinds of creatures than people know how to count.
A chorus of living wood sings to the woman: If your mind were only a slightly greener thing, we'd drown you in meaning."

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