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Thread: Anyone for a happy ending?

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    I've written just about every genre there is, and they have all been, without fail, happy and satisfying endings. I guess I'm old fashioned. But you would never catch me writing and ending a book like Black Swan or Million Dollar Baby. With my health issues, it would probably be enough to send me off the deep end.
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    There is always a place for happy endings, tragic ones, and those in-between.

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    All you artist-types that give your characters some kind of free-will and sentience. No. Not me.
    I outline and build a story arc. I make adjustments, the way an architect must sometimes modify a blueprint.
    Whether the end is happy or not is irrelevant to me. I don't write as a servant beholden to my master-reader. Perhaps that's why I suck at writing fiction: I'm a bad liar.
    Stuff is what it is. If it makes you happy, that's just fine. If it makes you sad, IDGIF.
    But some have a propensity to pandering, and making others "like" them. Good luck with that.

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    I like both dark endings and happy endings depending if the story warrants it or not. There are some stories where happy ending actually work quite well, and if they chose to go with a dark ending, it would have been a cop out, believe it or not, in my opinion. And then there are some where going for the happy ending would have been the cop out. It all depends on the story before the ending.

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    Thanks everyone it seems there's a wide range of opinions on happy endings that seems mainly to depend of genre. Thanks for everyone contribution

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    I liked the twighlight zone endings.
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    I suppose people prefer happy endings, because fiction is a means of escape for them, and they don't want more of the grimdark reality in that. There is definitely a major comforting aspect to fiction where everything is clear-cut - the hero is all-around good, noble and righteous, the villain is all-around cruel, evil and vile, the hero saves the day, punishes the villain, gets the girl, rides away in the sunset and everyone lives happily ever after.

    Personally, though, I prefer a more realistic, grimdark take to storytelling. The traditional happy-ending stories just strike me as too simplistic and naive.

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    Since much of my stuff tends toward the macabre and spooky, my endings tend to be somewhat grim, but if someone picks up that genre, they sort of expect it to be a rough ride. LOL
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    Depends on the story and one's perception of what's happy or sad. A movie I watched yesterday, Hostile, was a perfect example of one that had both. I wanted the MC to survive so bad, but a twist at the end changed my mind. In the last scene the MC realized the apocalyptic monster trying to 'kill' her is actually the one and only man she ever loved, but taken away from her at the beginning of the end. The moment was terrifying, yet so tender, and she chose to end their suffering with a single shot, together. So while I was sad she'd died, I was happy they were finally back together forever.

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