As some of you may or may not know I have a bit of a history on here. Some of my previous threads have devolved into nothing more than petty squabbles about who is right in my opinion. So with this thread I plan on reintroducing my work to thia lovely online community with the hope that I can reangage people in good conversation without thenews for egos to flare up like all those years ago myself included. I decided to title this thread consolidation because I basically plan on posting up several threads that are little more than repeats of my previous threads but hopefully this time without all of the drama of old and more progressive discussion on the topics at hand. So here's a list of upcoming thread topics as well as we're they'll be posted.

Arms & Armor of The Future/Past! This thread will be all of the discussion about all of the weapons and armor in my books serious will be held. When I plan on adding, or subtracting a weapon or armor piece from the book I'll post it up here first in order to get your opinions, thoughts, & concerns on the matter.

Myths, Monsters, & Magic! This will be were we can discuss the history of the new world, the creation of it's various creatures and how the "magic" of the new world actually works.

A History of The World! This is were we can get into the meat & potatoes of the timeline involved in the series. We go into great depth and length about how this or that pan's out and discuss just how the world came to be in the sorry state it's in in the future.

So far these three threads above will be all for now but more will follow when I can condense several more topics into manageable chunks for all of you to talk about. If anyone has any thoughts, comments or ideas they want to share then feel free to chat away.