Cool concept, it got me thinking of some ideas!

For each event, there can be multiple witnesses. Sometimes they may witness a portion of the event. None of the characters would see all the events, so nobody has a complete picture of the story. Certain characters may interpret certain events differently, perhaps based on their background. There could be a tragedy in this story, where the reader is aware that certain pieces of evidence would exonerate (or convict) a certain person if only the pieces were put together by the characters, but they are unwilling or unable to do so.

In terms of the protagonist, he could come from a traumatic background where the atypical is typical and the behaviors he learned to survive in his younger years no longer serve him in his current culture. The story is how he learns that everything he knew about interacting with others only works in his previous culture (ie growing up in poverty and is suddenly wealthy), and he has a constant struggle to not return to those adaptations. A more pessimistic/cynical approach would be the opposite - grew up in a well-adjusted culture and has been thrust into a dysfunctional one, which would probably provide a more natural progression toward "how much of a murderer do I see within myself." This could be driven by the woman's family leveraging him into "only bad choice" situations (ie steal or starve): no matter what he chooses, one of the woman's family will afterward explain to him that his choice shows him capable, even willing, to commit gradually worse sins.

In terms of actually getting words down, I have followed a non-linear approach with my extremely limited writing. I figured out the end in concept, but started writing one of the middle scenes first, and I move to different scenes as I get the spark about them. Good luck!