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    naturally without faith


    ‘sun to earth to sun
    ashes to flesh to ashes
    space dust before, now and ever afterwards’

    without belief in god
    might it be we have lost direction
    not because of the lack
    but because we have left a space within

    a black hole
    sucking us in
    to a point of beings frozen into a singularity
    of adamant opinion

    i seek to refill the hole
    not with the old
    but the new
    earth as saviour not as exile

    a shower of rain
    an unfolding bud
    a dog’s distant bark
    a cloud

    childhood in each breath
    death in every hand
    tears for the moon
    smiles for the sun

    come outside
    into the light and the shade
    lie beneath the willow’s sobs
    walk the gravel path

    touch light as a moth’s antennae
    listen like the owl
    run for no reason
    pause because you can

    make space in that space
    and fill it with the world

    ‘sun to earth to sun
    ashes to flesh to ashes
    space dust before, now and ever afterwards’

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    As someone struggling with my own faith recently, this spoke to me. I loved the image of filling in the hole with new earth that spoke to me. This had humanist elements as well, I think 'run for no reason' the heaven we create for ourselves in this life.

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