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    new poetry workshop guidelines

    the new poetry workshop guidelines regarding critique, clearly state, in red - Members who do not reciprocate are subject to having their work removed.

    has this happened?

    no - ironically, staff members are the first to critique the work of authors who do not reciprocate - undermining their own rules.
    I mean, why bother in the face of such hypocrisy?

    I'll name names - *** - just from the top ten, who have not had the grace to return the favour.

    until they post at least one worthy critique.
    I for one, have taken the stance to ignore the poems of poets who exhibit such selfish behaviour -

    whether their poem is brilliant or crass - if we all join together on that front, maybe the message will get across.

    this forum works on feedback, if everyone were so lazy, it just wouldn't work.

    staff members, I await your response.....
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    grasp the mettle of things unsaid
    and strike the nail upon the head

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    Thank you for bringing this to our attention, Ned.
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    Ned, others may well have their own problems, but I'm taking care of a sick wife who has been bed-ridden the past three years and i barely have time to think. Would you like to come over and help me clean up her several times a day diarrhea, cook meals, clean up, do bills, help her in and out of bed, help her take her medicine, drive 40 miles to buy groceries? I do the best I can, and often only come here when she's sleeping. I'm exhausted, and I don't need your self-righteousness.
    "Self-righteousness never straddles the political fence."


    "The bible says to love your neighbor. It's obvious that over the centuries it has been interpreted as the opposite."
    (sarcasm alert)


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    MP, you have you nothing else but my sympathy - yet, you have enough time to write a poem and post it in the poetry workshop.....
    jesus! - i touched a nerve there!

    as an ex-auxiliary nurse on a psycho-geriatric ward, I know only too well what you're going through.

    if anything, your experience should lend measure to your critique....should you deign to give it.

    remember, it's not my rules MP, but WF's........
    grasp the mettle of things unsaid
    and strike the nail upon the head

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    I will respond, ned. It's okay in discussion to vent your frustrations about the general state of critique, as you see it. It's even okay to present evidence and open that evidence to general discussion. But it is not okay to single out individuals and blame them for your frustrations. This is not a court of law and you are not the prosecutor. This is a community that benefits from open dialogue but suffers under personal attacks. So I advise you to keep your personal vendettas to yourself or in private messages, and phrase your public comments in a way that acknowledges everyone's contributions to this honorable forum. State your argument clearly and dispassionately and refrain from personal accusations.

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    I am the moderator for that Workshop New Style.

    And I plan to "rule" the forum in a different way than everyone was used to. It means less rigid, more informal, there are many ways to teach members to respond properly. One of those is to approach them by PM, another is to give some leeway, but ask questions in the thread.

    Guidelines are not rules, let that be clear.

    As moderator for Poetry Discussions I have to tell you:
    Naming and shaming is not done, far too close to personal attacks. I have edited away the names from the OP

    When these new guidelines lead to problems, or are unclear, there are other ways to bring them to our attention.

    Thank you.
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    *volunteers for slacker hat of shame*
    *brings own stool*
    *schedules different timeslot*
    *'cuz IS late, again*

    i learn from WF all-the-time.
    in ways that consistently defy my ability to describe.
    many thanks,

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    In the OP is one important line I like to elaborate on:
    Members who do not reciprocate are subject to having their work removed.
    This is aimed at those poets who only take, and never give. There are a few, but fortunately not that many. The line above does not mean that everyone at all times needs to reply to every comment. Nor does it mean that everyone needs to critique every poem posted. It should be a balance.

    The Workshop is give and take. When you post a poem, you do not only reply to critique on your poem. No, it means that you at least critique one poem by someone else before you can post another poem. I say one, but preferably more.

    I admit to two things:
    - perhaps the line in red should be expanded, to make this all more clear;
    - mentors and mods both should keep a better eye on the movements in that Workshop. I admit to that.

    So, thanks Ned, for bringing up the topic.


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