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megan, may i get your permission to use
the following on all of my written material?
"I like it, but I don't get it."

Absolutely! Go ahead and immortalize me.

Approaching this exercise as a kind of unified field theory...hmm. Yep, y'er definately smarter than me! As to the overview, I was rather thinking of class distinction, or of a supervisor/laborer relationship--survival, yes, though not as a meal. (It was the gravity of the situation bothered me greatly--both literal & metaphorical.) I had to do some research about the eclipse for that year because I thought maybe you were referring to Mt. Rushmore but discovered its construction came later. Considering the degree of abstraction you were aiming for, you may be amused I thought this was about a stone mason plying his trade while suspended from ropes. (Did I say that in the review?) The imagery that has remained since reading has been akin to the sort of artsy filming we might find in a 1970's experimental film--bizarre angles for emphasis, skewed lighting for mood, a slight over-exaggeration of the mundane to influence the viewer's response--yet somehow done in a fresh & non-sentimental way. Not sure this helps, but for what it's worth, the commentary is free.

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nah, i'm not best seller material.
Well, don't discount yourself too soon. You do have readers out there; you just need to find them. So until you do become a bestselling author and then think you've become too good for us average, literal folk, please do write more shorts like this. I like a challenge.