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    We're up to chapter 18 now, so roughly about halfway through the novel. I had a call from the narrator yesterday, mostly to sort out over the phone how one particular character needed portraying. It's funny what you expect, but I thought he'd read an extract over the phone. Instead, he shifted and changed his voice on speck with no prompt, using different ones until I heard what I was after. It was really something to hear over the phone. I just wish I could take this chap to the author meets so he could do the readings lol. Might look weird stuffed into my suitcase, though...

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    Well, I have the cover art ready now. Dimensions are more square, but thank God I'm not messing with them. Last time I handled dimensions, I bought some huge catering soup pans (and we're talking industrial size) instead of normal-on-the-hob-at-home kind.

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    Oh wow, the full audio's been done: 39 chapters, opening and closing credits, plus 5-minute teaser extract. Once the narrator uploads it to ACX, I approve it. Now ACX takes two weeks to check sound quality etc, then they distribute to Amazon, Audible, and iTunes.

    Really excited about this! The narrator's done an awesome job, and in such a great turnaround time.

    The codes ACX provide for reviews act a lot like being on KU: you get paid for them all. So if you have 25 codes to give out, you still get paid for them, both you and the narrator. I think you have about 25, but I'm not sure about that. I've got some reviewing blogs lined up for some, but the codes can g out to Audible members too, so you're able to give them to core readers too.

    It's still new ground as I'm not used to audio, but marketing is the same no matter the format. Luckily I started a FB Reviewing Blog Directory for LGBT authors, where reviewing blogs come in and add their reviewing submission details, including those who takes audio reviews. I knew it would come in useful, lol...

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    I'm not sure if this is a good idea, lol, but I'm doing an interview with the narrator, only issue: I've opened questions up to my readers. And get a load of dark BDSM romance readers in my genre with a narrator who's narrating dark BDSM romance and... lol. I'm just glad my narrator's got a sense of humor! He'll need it with this gorgeous lot....

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    Okay, so putting together the marketting for this interview and release, I've been doing some banner artwork for the reviewing company who is hosting the interview and the readers involved. I don't mind doing the banner work, to be honest, especially as the blog host has taken a front seat for the interviews. At least I can do something. The square image in the last banner is the cover for the audio.
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    And that's it -- we're officially live on Audible, iTunes, and Amazon.

    So from the start date: 2019-04-19 to now, it's taken just under two months to record, edit, get reviwed by ACX and their distribution outlets and get on the audio shelves. The narrator is also 16 chapters into the second novel, with interest to finish the series.

    I'm not going to post a link here, but I will add one in the private erotica forum. The sample it links to isn't erotic, but it is dark content.

    And it isn't 25 codes promo codes you get, but 100. 50 for Audible UK 50 for Audible US. That's awesome as I can send to reviewers and readers alike.

    Now it's on to the next worry: sales, lol. (That never changes!)

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    Link removed.
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    And a review from the US too. "This book had all of the characteristics of a Five star book. MM - check; Hot sex- check; BDSM - check; Dark Subject - check; Suspense - check; Romance - check: Ménage - check; HEA - check."

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    Dan's now recorded the sequel and we're into chapter 10 after edits. He's absolutely cracking to work with and exceedingly professional. I'd highly recommend this chap for any Brit English narration. His ability to shift and change regional Brit accents is fantastic!
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    If you get the chance to do this, I'd highly recommend it.

    For a promo day on Sunday, I was asked if I'd like to do a promo day in an audio group. This is basically a takeover, all day, by one author. Before I've done half-hour or hourly takeovers in author groups, but this one was 8 hours, something I've not done before.

    8 hours with a group of 1k + audio listeners in my genre.

    So what do you for 8 hours? Giveaways, both audio and ebook, plus an Amazon voucher, games posts where you drag the members into being your murders (My genre is thriller, so it's good to center any games on what you write), music posts: again, tie this into your killer theme, plus a cover reveal, and general promo posts...

    I had 20 posts altogether over the 8 hours. It doesn't sound many, but when you have replies coming in left, right, and center, it's good to submit only 3-4 posts an hour and spend time replying to members who comment.

    Was it 8 hours well spent Well, I know I'm knackered, lol. But in general -- hell yes!!

    I had over 80 requests for codes to my audio (which we get paid for)
    30 buys and downloads of ebooks
    20 new subscribers to my newsletter
    Plus (something I didn't know about) my audio was put up for audiobook of the month by a reviewing blog, and the audio group members promoted the poll and voted for me.
    I also got an intake of friend requests and followers.
    Plus I generally got to meet some really damn nice people!

    I just don't think I'll be ready for another all-day takeover like that soon!

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