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Thread: What are you passionate about when writing a story?

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    The only one who can heal you is you.

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    For myself it's mostly writing stories I want to tell. Even if I never publish anything I have a very unquiet mind and I've found writing to be the best way to shut it up. Brains are so bothersome...

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    I've begun work on a YA Urban Fantasy that is probably going to be my most personal work to date. The main character is heavily based on myself when I was younger, especially when it comes to how I dealt (or didn't deal) with having Asperger's/HFA (I was diagnosed before DSM-V came out and before A.S. became the popular go-to diagnosis for lazy psychiatrists). In the opening scene, the character is struck in the face by a football thrown by someone who used to be his best friend, and this causes a sensory overload. Sensory overload, in my experience, tends to activate the 'lizard brain' flight-or-fight response, and in this opening scene, the flight response comes out on top. So, I guess an accurate representation of what it means to be on the spectrum and how one deals with that and grows to use it as a strength is one of my greatest passions. I was lucky enough to have an understanding family who helped me learn and grow to conquer a lot of the issues I faced when I was younger. Too many times with movies, television, and novels, being on the spectrum means you're either Rain Man or a hand-flapping non-verbal suffering near-constant sensory overload. Or, thanks to the media's reporting on shootings, those on the spectrum (especially with Asperger's/HFA) are cast as potential mass murderers since the media always tends to forget to report the co-morbids the person is diagnosed with (anti-social personality disorder, bi-polar, schizophrenia, etc.), which are the more likely cause for them to 'go off' then the Asperger's/HFA diagnosis.

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    Although the first two books I managed to get published (both are still going through edits) are strictly horror/thriller, I do like incorporating messages in my writings. My current WIP is a paranormal piece but it is centered around domestic violence (although that doesnít pop out right away). Due to my own past life experiences, social topics like mental health awareness, addiction, and domestic violence are issues Iím very passionate about. If I can use my love for writing to advocate for any of these topics in a creative way I will.

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    Passion, bleh... I want thrills.

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