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    Take a Left Here.

    In my mad search for writing prompts, I stumbled across two simple words, and yet they have shaped an entire story in my mind. "Left Turn." It was the name of someone's prompted tale, and I have yet to read it, but the words inspired something. I began writing, and so far I have come up with a main idea for the "plot." She follows a sort of Book 1 Neville Longbottom character type, but maybe I'll be able to turn her into something. Who knows?

    A girl has absolutely no spine and does everything she is told to. Her friend warns her of the peril she will bring upon herself, but she is not heard. When the main character gets into a sour marriage, she flees into the mountains to a home for the lost. The GPS incessantly tells her take left turns, and even though that should map out a loop, the scenery continues to change as Cynthia, the main character, reaches her final destination.

    I hardly have anything planned, and I never was good at sticking to story outlines anyway; I daresay I'm not much of a professional or NaNoRiMo author, but it's a fun creative exercise in which I don't have to plot, I only have to get lost in the words. Nonetheless, I hope to bring the husband back into the story, give some context and history, and take Cynthia on a short but wild adventure in the Home for the Lost, which I have named "L'Abri Perdu," or "Shelter for the Lost." It sounds cooler in French.

    The home will be of smooth white stucco, an awning spanning the entirety of the front with ribbed pillars, and arched windows. It will have a slate roof, sturdy wooden door, and is set in the wildwoods of the mountains. It's supposed to look noble but not garish, but I have to iron out the details. Its address is 105 Rambling Way.

    Does this sound too cheesy? Probably.

    What stories are you working on? What inspired you to write such a narrative?
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    Sounds fine, if a little unfleshed. More importantly, it sounds like you have tapped into some creativity.

    At this stage, nobody should help you and nobody should be giving feedback and you should not be asking for any: You talk about your idea too much you'll talk yourself into a corner or an oblivion. This is your idea, so own it. Write it.
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    Good point! Thank you!

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    Sounds interesting. Go forth and write. Will she make metaphorical left turns throughout the story?

    I will take my ideas from anywhere. I don't think I've had two from the same place.
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    I think it's an worthwhile concept that only you, the creator, can explore by writing out your story. I also agree with luckyscars that it's your idea. At this stage, it is not quite the time for feedback.

    As luckyscars said: Write it.

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    Sometimes it's something simple as a word or two that can prompt us to write. Personally, I think it's awesome that creative brains like the ones we have can conjure up an entire story from just a couple of words.

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    I ended up with a battle between a bunny and a Wendigo after tripping across the word lollop while straightening dictionaries in the bookstore...That bunny, named Lollop, still comes in handy when the Wendigos, the Left and Right, appear. A fluke idea that when followed led to some of the better work I've done.
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