So, let’s look at this objectively: What is this AR rifle good for?
And, by “good for”, more specifically, what role does it fill for a gun owner?

There are general “need” categories that a firearms fills. Among those are hunting, self-defense, sporting, socio-political, collecting, and… other.

For hunting, there are many, many better choices than an AR based rifle. The 5.56 round is generally considered by most ethical hunters as inadequate and questionable for humane first-shot kills. There are ways to make the round better (by using heavier rounds with a soft expanding tip), but this only makes a marginal bullet only slightly less so. The minimum caliber most hunters use is a .270 / 6.5mm round, although some states will allow a .243 for deer and hogs.
You’ll always hear about your friend’s uncle who harvests a deer every year with is .223 / 5.56mm rifle. For every uncle that gets away with that, there are two irresponsible hunters that injure a deer unnecessarily and let it suffer by using an improper round.
Can you hunt with an AR? Check your local laws. Should you? Probably not.

AR “fanboys” often tout what a good self-defense weapon their Black Rifle is. They rely on the “magic bullet” theory that if they simply use a ‘frangible’ bullet, it won’t over-penetrate (frangible bullets disintegrate upon contact with a light barrier). Such a discussion often circles back to the illogic of why anyone would buy a rifle and use it in a way that it wasn’t designed for. Rifles are designed for long-distance accurate shooting (hunting), and to penetrate barriers (military). So, unless you have 100 meter long hallways, and your burglar is armored, why use any rifle? Pistols and shotguns can reliably perform the same job, often more effectively.
Can you use an AR for home defense? I suppose. Does it make any sense? No.

At least the AR can be used for sporting, right? The modern moniker applied to the Black Rifle is MSR (Modern Sporting Rifle). The same way car enthusiasts juice-up and modify hot-rods, many shooters use the base AR platform as their performance project.
(Note: For you gun neophytes, we’re not talking about making a rifle fully automatic or launch grenades. Working on a rifle means increasing accuracy and responsiveness.
You don’t assume a Hot Rod enthusiast wants to drive fast to run over people, do you?)
For sporting “gun nuts”, I can see the allure of the AR. There are a ton of performance parts out there. 'Three-gun' competitions and long-range shoots provide something for everyone. Then there’s the camaraderie (group-think) of commonality with your fellow shooter, comparing the nuances of your shared platform.
But, let’s be honest here, folks. The 5.56 is boring to shoot. It’s a bit like sipping beer though a cocktail straw. This explains why you see so many AR shooters on the line throwing a ton or lead down-range, desperately trying to find “satisfaction”. Sorry if that was too innuendo laden. Just an observation.
Can you sport-shoot with an AR? Sure. Will I? Probably not.

Then there’s the folks that buy an AR because that’s what a citizen is ‘puossed ta do.
Recently, there have been some Podunk jurisdictions that have mandated that every adult in a household must buy and posses an AR / MSR. These publicity-hound Sheriffs have a point, of sorts. An armed society is a polite society. But let’s be honest, most of these counties have low crime rates anyway. But the AR is used as a big, black political middle finger to urban politicians with statist control intentions. The whole “Don’t Tread on Me” schtick. For many Americans, owning an AR is a political statement.
If you do believe that the 2nd Amendment means what it says regarding a “…well-armed Militia…”, the AR fits that bill.
Should you buy an AR to feel better about yourself, and your role as a citizen? Ask your therapist.

Some folks just collect things. There is a sub-set of gun owners that just like to buy guns to have them. Antique and rare weapons may be purchased and never even fired by the new owner. Certain old weapons are truly historic and / or works of art. I had a customer years ago that had a 18th Century air rifle used by European royalty. I still remember it’s bulbous stock that held the air bladder, and it’s intricate gold-leaf inlays. THAT, I can understand not shooting.
But many firearm collectors are just targeted hoarders. If a “collector” has a subset of AR’s they are buying, it may be time to do an intervention. Amongst us gun enthusiasts, we all joke about buying too many guns and our wives complaining about it. But if anyone is “collecting” Black Rifles, that’s weird.
Is the AR collectable? Yes, the same way a crazy cat lady picks up strays. Meow.

Then, there’s the “other” category. Some folks buy an AR simply because they want one. Sometimes, it’s because the government threatens that you won’t be allowed to buy one in the future. For preppers / survivalists it’s a weapon that makes sense because it’s light, compact and fires a common caliber. And crazy people buy them. Why? I dunno. Each nut has their own reason. But whatever reason they have, it has no impact on all the previously mentioned reasons law-abiding citizens choose to own an AR. Because none of the hunters, sport shooters, ‘bubbas’, collectors or preppers kill people with their rifles. Only criminals and the insane do.
And, if nothing else, there’s the reason to own an AR. To leave it in your safe, and watch it NOT commit acts of violence on it’s own. It excels at just sitting there.

So, why did I build (and now own) an AR? I’m not currently hunting, and I don’t think it’s much of a sporting rifle. I have better weapons for home defense. To be honest, I now own a Black Rifle for political and survivalist reasons. Sure, I’ll shoot it again, to finish breaking it in, and keep my proficiency in it’s use. But it’s not for fun, or for any short-term practical reasons.

You buy an insurance policy hoping that you will never use it. Most governments today claim to be the “safety net” for the citizen, but too often fall far short. The circular logic is to demand more funding for a larger deficient system that fails just as much. When the whole thing collapses under it’s bloated weight, who will protect you?

Unfortunately, most of our fellow citizens have been ‘all-in” thinking that a civil society will endure in perpetuity, and the government will always be there to provide safety and security. When these deluded souls are someday confronted with the life-altering truth, they will not take that realization well. There are few things more dangerous than large numbers of desperate people. What is to stop an angry mob from kicking-in your door and taking whatever and whoever they want?

You know the answer.

I have many other weapons to deal with such an eventuality. Some may be more appropriate than others, depending on the circumstances. But nothing has the overall benefits of the AR rifle. It may not be great at everything, but it is good enough at everything. I don’t have to like the damn thing to admit that. I have health insurance, although I take care of myself. I have life insurance, although I don’t expect to die.
I have a Black Rifle, even though I expect my fellow citizens to be civil.
Shit happens.

Go ahead and call me crazy, but do one thing first: Cancel all your insurance. What kind of sicko are you? Do you expect to be ill? Do you want to die? Why does anyone prepare for such things? How can you be so negative?

So, let’s recap the facts. The Black Rifle is out there. People like me own them.
What does society do now?