What is the Preferred Ebook Format?

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Thread: What is the Preferred Ebook Format?

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    What is the Preferred Ebook Format?

    What is the best ebook format for fiction? I tried Epub and it made my material look messy with many broken lines.

    Thanks for your input.

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    That's a typography issue; import your text into Wordpad with wrap off and make sure your paragraphs are all on one line with no blank lines. (Wordpad sadly does eventually wrap if you have very very long paragraphs, but maybe those should be fixed.) Then put it back into whatever and apply your styles from there. Lots of formatting glitches get introduced during editing that aren't obvious until they are stripped.

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    Usually, when you check it in an E-book emulator it looks fine. Something about how it's coded.

    What compiler are you using?
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    It doesn't matter about the outputted format; if the text contains spurious elements to start with, the final e-book format will be messed up.

    Formatting (and page layout, for that matter) is all about discipline, and if its not done with attention to detail it'll be wrong.

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    I create mine as ePubs, but once I upload them to Amazon they are further converted to their format.

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    I think the PDF would be good for fiction ebook.


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