Never, ever, do this.

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Thread: Never, ever, do this.

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    Never, ever, do this.

    Hopefully this book doesn't belong to a WF member...

    Here is something to never do with your book: Use the default Amazon clipart for your cover.
    This is the placeholder they provide until you upload your own artwork.
    Using this for your cover will not only kill your book...but kill every book you ever publish under that name.
    Other writers, editors, and publishers all know what that is.

    Using that artwork screams noob.
    Just spend the $7 and buy something nice at

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    I don't know, it has a nice 70's look to it.

    But I does make my eyes bleed...
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    It is the kiss of death. Spend a lousy $7 to buy some artwork...but never use the default.
    And if you do, don't put your own name on it.

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    Ima put out my next ten books, all with that cover, and I'll use your name, Ralph
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