As most authors know, book reviews are a great way to gain social proof & increase online sales. Below are 10 ways to get reviews:

1. Request a review in the back matter of your book
2. Give a free book/reader magnet to encourage email signups and later send them a request for reviews
3. Create an Advance Team (aka "street team") where the author sends free ARCs to members about one month prior to launch/asks for feedback on the ARC and later sends out a request for reviews on the launch date
4. Use Social Media to occasionally request reviews
5. Join Goodreads groups for your book’s genre and ask for reviews (check rules for each group)
6. Give away free books and ask recipients to consider leaving a review (but Quid Pro Quo is prohibited by Amazon rules).
7. Ask Book Bloggers who review similar books to review your book
8. Use FB Chatbot to automatically send a targeted message to FB members asking if they read your book and (if they did) send automated responses to ask for a review
9. Ask for reviews in FB ad comments, and
10. Pay for a service to access their subscriber lists (Hidden Gems, Reedsy Discovery).Expect to receive one review per 500 sales or 5,000 free downloads.

*These tips came from Mark Dawson's recent webinar on this topic. I hope you find them helpful!