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    Quote Originally Posted by Ralph Rotten View Post
    I'm always telling liberal friends that they should actually take a weapons course because they are always saying things that are factually incorrect.
    Let's be fair- this is equally true of both sides of this argument. The screamers on both sides use whatever sound bites suit them without regard to any intellectual rigour or attempt at vetting information. I'm not sure I can think of a topic with more cognitive bias on both sides of the issue. The days of reasonable debate and intellectual discourse seem to be long gone in this country, especially on the topic of guns.

    No one listens anymore, it seems people either wait to regurgitate their view point without having considered any alternate view or they just try to yell louder than the other side and shout them into submission. The NRA runs around with its fucktarded propaganda that even gun owners know is bullshit and the anti-gun lobby tries to vilify anyone who owns a weapon as a criminal. The divide grows wider every day.

    This is not directed at anyone in this thread, it's more of a general frustration with the lack of middle ground in American politics and the plummeting IQ and lack of ability to think critically in the average American...already a species not known for its intellectual prowess.

    At least I'm not bitter, right?
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    Quote Originally Posted by velo View Post
    The NRA runs around with its fucktarded propaganda that even gun owners know is bullshit.

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    For anyone caring to take a brief respite from the semi-political tone this has taken, I've posted Part Two, covering the home-construction of my AR rifle.
    I was hoping that my building of a rifle would be instructive in some way. At least more so than an overview of it's history has.

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