Hidden meanings, and implied time lines, etc in stroy telling.

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Thread: Hidden meanings, and implied time lines, etc in stroy telling.

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    Hidden meanings, and implied time lines, etc in stroy telling.

    Since this is my first time to venture off into the advanced section of writing forum I will try to explain the best I can.

    Hidden meanings in a story line that reveals its self over time.

    Implied time lines in a story that also reveals its self over time.

    Example: I introduce a character telling the story of self discovery, but I don't tell time lines about how long this takes.
    Later in the story I introduce a second character, and the first tells the second "I was alone for what seemed an eternity before I found you. In that time I sensed there was more then what our eyes could see, so I brought you here."
    This can have a double meaning I know. But he was actually alone for many, many years before she appeared, I just don't say that.

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    I'm not exactly sure what your question is, but if you are asking if hidden meanings and undefined timelines are okay, the answer is, sure they are. But, just be careful not to confuse your readers. Readers hate being confused by a story, it might be the quickest way to get them to toss the book aside.

    Also, in your quote from your story, it should be, "...more than what our eyes could see..." not 'then'.
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    Mighty confusing and just clumsy. I'm lost. What are you trying to imply?
    Hidden Content
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    I think you are probably referring to the concept of 'skipping' information and letting the reader infer the passage of time and what may or may not have happened? Is that right?

    If so, yeah, I do that a lot (and try to do it as much as I can get away with). Readers don't want a play-by-play. An effective story should only include the points of interest, not grind away on the dull or irrelevant, and the larger the timescale and world your story operates on the more you need to rely on readers understanding things unsaid.

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