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    Talking Got Some News!

    Hey friends! Just wanted to share some great news with the very community that's taught me so much about writing.

    Took me several years and nearly two dozen unfinished manuscripts to get here, but it's all part of the process!

    Meerkat Press to Publish Kyle Richardson's Beast Heart

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    That's great news, Kyle. Congratulations.
    The blurb looks interesting and I'll probably buy a copy.
    Will it be available on Kindle?

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    Be sure to give us an update when the actual publication date is reached. I am on the digital book revolution as well, so also hoping for a digital form.
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    WooHoo, that's great news! Congratulations, Kyle!
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    So proud of you! Good job and congratulations, Kyle You rock!
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    Amazing news! So pleased for you. All the hard work is paying off!


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    Fantastic! Congratulations!!
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    Great job Kyle! And yes let us know when it's published because this sounds great

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    This is awesome news, congrats
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    Thanks, Phil! I'm most certain it will.

    I'll make sure to keep things updated, Andrew!

    Thanks very much, Carole!

    Thanks so much, Sue!

    Thank you, Arachne! Hopefully it will continue to do so.

    Thanks, Amnesiac!

    Thanks, BD! I'll definitely keep you posted.

    Thank you, Mz Snow!

    (I'll post occasional updates about the publishing process in this thread for anyone who's interested.) Cheers everyone.

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