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    My Busy Lover

    My Busy Lover

    Xiaoman March 19,2019

    My busy lover is a thinker.
    Every day he spends a lot of time to think about problems,
    Various problems,
    From daily life to philosophy,
    from politics to economics.
    He can sit there and meditate quietly, one hour, two hours...
    I know him well,
    So I never bother him when he seems to be busy thinking.
    Sometimes when our eyes meet,
    We send each other messages,
    The messages of love.
    I am just a little woman, you know.
    I am not looking forward to seeing him become a great thinker,
    I only want him to give me warmth,
    At nights,
    At cold nights,
    At three dog freezing nights,
    I can hold him tightly to sleep.
    I don't have dogs.
    I just have a cat,
    My busy lover, Riley!
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    hello - I started off hating this poem, but ended up loving it.

    those last three lines are clever and killer!


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    Every day he spends a lot of time to think about problems,
    I might change this, but it's up to you, of course.

    "Every day he spends a lot of time thinking about problems."


    "Every day he takes a lot of time to think about problems."

    This is the only change I would make. What a fantastic poem! I really like it.
    Sometimes, I wrestle with my demons. Other times, we just snuggle.

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    Yes, I love this poem. There seem to be a few idiosyncrasies with the English language. But honestly, I would not change them. They're lovely. They give the poem a very authentic feel. The turn at "I am just a little woman, you know" is perfect. It sends the poem in a new direction which circles back to the beginning at the end. Good job.


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