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    Slush Reading

    I submit to you that this is psychological torture. It's even worse when they're good because then I have to resort to the excuse generator. That means every single story was 'on the short list' and each and every tale was 'reluctantly deferred' to the next anthology in line.
    What I really love is when the stories have the theme of another anthology, or have no byline/contact information, or are in some custom font. Then I don't have to read them. I can reject them out of hand and use the boilerplate.
    I've read 18 out of 290 so far.
    They're all keepers.
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    ... or, while Flashes clearly states the max. length of a story to submit is 2000 words, and still someone sends you a 75 page screenplay
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    I love it, as an editor, when someone dumps a 500+ page manuscript on me that has to be line-edited, and the deadline is in two weeks, and they want it for less than $1000. Hahaha... That's about the point when I resist the urge to snap my pencil off in their trachea, and politely tell them that clearly, they will need someone else.
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    I like to send publishers fake queries for books about teen vampires & werewolves.
    So many say to absolutely not send any vampire stories.
    I gleefully imagine the anger as they swear and delete the email.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darren White View Post
    ... or, while Flashes clearly states the max. length of a story to submit is 2000 words, and still someone sends you a 75 page screenplay
    You should do a "Live Rejection" thing on that one day, Piers Blofeld stylee. I'd love to see that.

    I'm a terrible person. I should at least submit something myself.

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