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    SHAMELESS self promotion

    I know I use the term 'shameless self promotion' a lot, but today I met a guy who really embraced that term.

    Okay, here's the deal. On twitter and other social media, you can set up an auto-greeting so that when people follow you, they get a nice little Welcome letter.
    Most people use this feature in the cheesiest ways, and experienced tweeters know to ignore this crap.
    This guy's message was more than the usual...much more...
    My instinct was that people will ignore this like all the other felgerkarb they get, but then again, he'll also get a few people who WILL read it.
    So even though this was the King of Wisconsin Cheese greetings, I thought I'd post it for your amusement.
    Playing the odds, this guy may sell a few bricks of Colby.


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    • Ralph, Hi. This is Henry from Crime Wave Press.

    • I represent Brian Stoddart, an acclaimed writer of crime fiction and academic works. He just released the 4th book in his Inspector Le Fanu series, a historically accurate mystery set in 1920s India titled “A Greater God” (Selkirk Books). We thought you might be willing to review it and post your opinion on Amazon, Goodreads, or your blog.
      Here is a blurb:

    • Muslims are being murdered and communal tensions escalating as Superintendent Chris Le Fanu returns, reluctantly, to 1920s Madras from the Straits Settlements. He comes under fire, literally and figuratively, as more Muslims and policemen are killed by revolutionaries in clashes fomented by his boss, Inspector-General Arthur ‘The Jockey’ epson.
      As the riots spread, Le Fanu’s trusted assistants – Mohammad Habibullah and Jackson Caldicott – disagree on both the origins and the handling of this new crisis. Le Fanu becomes further isolated as his only government allies, the Governor and the Chief Secretary, are being transferred away from Madras.

    • Even more pressure bears in on him when former housekeeper and lover, Ro McPhedran, falls critically ill in Hyderabad, and Jenlin Koh, his new love, is listed among those aboard a ship missing en route to India. Le Fanu’s entire professional and personal future is at risk as he confronts these challenges while Britain’s grip on India wavers.
      "Brian Stoddart's Le Fanu books are one of my favourite current series. Always superbly well researched & supremely witty these books capture colonial era India's (particularly Madras) glamour, mores, hypocrisy, racism & skullduggery with delightful aplomb. Highly recommended!”

    • - Adrian McKinty, Edgar Award and Ned Kelly Award winner

    • After a long career around the globe as a university teacher, researcher and administrator, Brian Stoddart is now a consultant and writer. He has published fifteen books of non-fiction covering mainly sport, Asian affairs and, more recently, global events.

    • He writes regularly for the press and several websites, appears on radio and television, is a frequent keynote speaker at conferences and seminars around the world, and also works as a speaker-lecturer on cruise ships.

    • Brian Stoddart maintains his own blog:
      Facebook: …
      Books: A Madras Miasma, The Pallampur Predicament, A Straits Settlement, A Greater God
      ***Can you post reviews on Amazon? If not Goodreads or your blog works for us, as well.
      Please let me know if you are interested. We are happy to send over a mobi or PDF. Kind regards, Henry RoiPR Manager [email protected] @crimewavepress @ScatterOfAshes

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    I post this so y'all can see how other writers are getting the word out.

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    I would block that shite instantly. The next thing, that dude would be messaging about how to get his books. Twitter is for brevity. There are thousands of services that'll do this kinda press-kit folderol. Screw 'em.
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    "From the moment I picked your book up until I laid it down, I was convulsed with laughter. Someday I intend reading it." - Groucho Marx

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    I thought this was of interest because it was different than the usual cheesy 'thanks for following' messages I usually see on Twitter.
    Like Mod, I would normally ignore this kind of thing, but then again...
    Worst case scenario; people just ignore his welcome message.
    Best case scenario; he gets a few reviews.

    It's ballsy, clumsy, and reeks of Amway, but books don't sell themselves.
    I always try to study how other people are marketing their books.

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    I look at what other people do and then make up new ways. It was starting to work and then Planet X folded.

    Things that don't work: Video trailers. I can't trace a single sale to a trailer. I like them -- audiences don't care. Better to place them as a commercial somewhere.
    Selling your books to other writers -- most people don't advance beyond this stage. I work in a get beyond that audience is tricky as hell, but the subgenre is now recognized, due to the work of Jeff VanderMeer, Josh Malerman, Nathan Ballinggrud, Laird Barron, all of whom have had recent movies made from their fiction.
    Blurbs -- nobody cares. Unless Stephen King himself blurbs your work, and only Paul Tremblay gets that. I suspect they have the same agency.

    Things that work...audience crossover. I market weird fiction to the baseball people. They find it weird but satisfying.
    Kickstarters...they have an audience of their own.
    Cooperation. I'm not in competition with the other houses. We have a vested interest in keeping each other going.
    Hidden Content
    "From the moment I picked your book up until I laid it down, I was convulsed with laughter. Someday I intend reading it." - Groucho Marx


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