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Thread: Hi Everyone!

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    Hi Everyone!

    Hi Everyone, excited to connect with other writers. I am 42 and have been a keen writer all my life. It's about the only thing I was any good at at school, besides sports! I always loved writing stories and had a head full of crazy ideas. Sometimes I got into trouble because I used to make up stories to tell the teachers as well. look forward to meeting you all.

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    Hi Gillian

    Lovely to have you here.
    I once got in trouble for a story I wrote at school, too. I was into Steven King and Dean Koontz at the time so my head was full of horror, I handed in an horrifically gruesome tale to my old english teacher. She was thoroughly disturbed.

    I hope you still have a head full of crazy ideas and look forward to reading some of them!


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    Welcome Gillian. We all have heads full of stories here, so you will fit right in. So glad to see you here. Be sure and stop by the writing discussion and jump in. And the monthly comps are a really fun way to stretch your writing legs. Looking forward to reading your work!
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    Welcome Gillian!
    What genres do you like to write?

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    Thanks for the welcome guys. Well I'm no good at horror! Love writing real life stuff, making fiction based on interesting true stories of ie. Homelessness, religious cults ... will have a look on the writing discussion...


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