Thank you for the feedback! I am hoping to be able to sit down and and get a good bit of writing done this weekend, so hopefully we find out what happens next soon haha.

To me, this line comes across as telling the reader what is happening, instead of having the reader relate to the character. Maybe something like the following would work:

Positioned high on an embankment overlooking the arrow straight stretch of the road, Wyatt allowed himself to relax. The brush around him was thick and the view of the road clear. It was the perfect spot to stage an ambush.
This definitely sounds much better. Reading it in this form also has me thinking about what his frame of mind would be other than just tense and angry.

It seems like this line slipped into present tense. Change “slides” to “slid” and I think it is good.
Thanks, I always struggle with tense continuity it seems.