Kick in the head rejection

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Thread: Kick in the head rejection

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    Kick in the head rejection

    Got a note today:

    "I read your m/s and have to decline. It was too technical for me in its
    present state with a lot of the action being conveyed in a Q&A format -
    this makes the writing rather pedestrian and obvious. You need to find
    less obvious ways to convey what is happening to the reader.
    Hope this helps, and I hope you continue to work on it."

    At least he read my novel. I've never even showed more than a couple chapters to others.

    I'm not even sure what he means or how to fix what he sees as the main flaw.

    I don't know what to do now. I'm 70,000 words into a new project.

    I don't feel like rewriting a book I thought I finished four years ago.

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    While rejection is never a pleasant thing, at least s/he took the time to give you something to work with. Maybe just put it on the back burner until you are finished with your current project, and then revisit it when you are in a better frame of mind... Sorry you didn't get the nod. Best wishes with your new project, and with your submission if/when you decide to rework it a bit...
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    This is the reaction of one person, people frequently get multiple rejections followed by an acceptance. You may come round to feeling like re-writing, that you don't right now is very understandable, but these things can change.
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    Michel, at least you have had a read! A lot of writers don't even get that, but there must be something there because of the feedback. Otherwise, why would they bother? Yes, I agree with keeping on with your current project. Later, if you feel so inclined, re-read the reject and see where you can apply his words. Good luck and keep going!
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    Dood: I have had prolly a thousand rejections, and few of them were as good as that.
    He read it enough to give solid feedback.
    Usually you get a form letter. A few times I got a bad copy of a copy of a copy of a form letter...and it had a coffee ring on it.

    I suggest getting the thing beta-tested and see what they say.
    Also, if it was 4 years ago, your writing may have evolved greatly since then.
    Move on and write more stuff. Not everything gets published.

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    I agree with the other posters in this thread, but my goodness, what an industry where a rejection like that is actually quite a rare positive. No wonder so few people actually stick with it until they're published.
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    I've been there, and I can tell you that the only way you can go is up. Last year I had many, and I mean MANY rejections to manuscripts I sent to publishers, some with harder shots then the one you received. Yes, it's disheartening, and can knock you down several pegs. The thing is, I kept going, made some edits, and improved upon my writing style. Near the end of last year, after all of those rejections, one publisher finally accepted one of my works of fiction.

    Up until that point, I had been shopping my manuscripts around for nearly two years, with no luck. You will eventually get an acceptance, and it will take the monkey off your back and give you more drive and determination to succeed and raise yourself to another level.

    Never give up, and NEVER stop writing.

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    "Never give up, never surrender!"
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    Editors don't have time to critique your manuscript. If they don't see it as salable for their house, just move on. It's a numbers game. Don't get emotionally attached to the copy. Read widely, find someplace that seems to fit your style, try that. I sold a piece last week that I've been submitting on and off, with gradual improvements, since I was a teenager. The first rejection was signed by Ed Ferman.
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    Hi Michel D,
    sorry to hear about the rejection, still seemed to have a fairly positive tone to it... I recently finished reading a book called "Rejection Proof" (how to beat fear and become invincible). It was recommended to me by a friend and it has really helped me to deal with rejections, which are par for the course as a writer but so hard to take sometimes. I just want to share some statistics with you that were in this book for how many times some really famous authors were rejected by publishers before someone finally accepted their work:

    Lord of the Flies/ William Goulding - 20 times
    The Diary of a Young Girl/ Anne Frank - 15 times
    Carrie/ Stephen King - 30 times
    Dubliners/ James Joyce - 22 times
    The Help/ Kathryn Stockett (which also became a movie) - 60 times!!!
    Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone/ J.K.Rowling (now a massive $$$franchise!) 12 times

    Hope that motivates you a bit to keep going. What one publisher doesn't appreciate another will. Good luck, believe in yourself and keep it up.
    Best wishes Gillian.

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