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density/saturation is a concern.
even with limits on visual form,
i think using the next darker grey within the "consciousness level color spectrum",
and maybe reducing font size,
might promote moving from the obvious to the less/not obvious.

the mechanisms of the gpcrs
detect molecules outside the cell and activate internal signal transduction
light-sensitive compounds, odors, pheromones, hormones, and neurotransmitters
would be completely invisible to an individual struggling
to understand disruption of their "reality fabric".
incredibly powerful potentials.

it would not be wise for me to post revisions here,
or in the challenge thread.
so i'm going to need to come up with a solution there.

thanks for your succinct summary
your persistance in working through
what appears to be a really rough draft.

*be aware*
*life does not need to be severe*

Other than the light-grey-on-white, which is probably more to do with my eyes and screen, I had not really had an issue with the visual layout of it. One could go to town on the markup a half-dozen ways to Sunday (or whatever the expression is) and any web form will likely fall short of delivering what you want. At the end of the day the writing's different, it's unique, loads more palatable than singular mono-blocks of text and a lot more ... I dunno, I feel like I'm receiving a lot of complex knowledge in a very beautiful, very aesthetic way, like my laptop's been hacked by a muse I don't often feel that - so thank you.