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    Terry, I'll admit I said a few off-colour words after reading your story because I knew it would get a better score than mine. Really well done. The voice you used was really spot on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by velo View Post
    Terry, I'll admit I said a few off-colour words after reading your story because I knew it would get a better score than mine. Really well done. The voice you used was really spot on.

    Thanks, velo. What you did with the pacing in Carne Asada is remarkable. It would have been so easy to rush your story, and very tempting to also with just 1,000 words to work with, but you didn't. The metamorphosis from frightened captive to willing sacrifice was really well done.

    Also, congratulations on the People's Choice win. When the readers give you a nod it means a lot.
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    Reading everyone else's thoughts on the same stories really brought home to me just how subjective and variable readers' reactions are.
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    what a great showing!

    having read and reread the entries
    (great teachers all),
    i was saddened by the final number of popular votes.
    leads to a goal for next year -
    higher percentage of views
    resulting in poll votes.

    thanks all around!
    no man
    is an island
    & the efforts of many are apparent
    throughout all aspects of the result(s).
    special and specific thanks to my beta reader <3

    Quote Originally Posted by epimetheus View Post
    As a dark horse i want to mention Scripting the Nodes - ultimately it didn't work but i really like the concept and might play with something similar myself.

    Better to have some people love it and others hate than have everyone luke warm on it.

    didn't expect to even hit the midpoint of the score range,
    so this feedback is 100% win for me.

    apologies to
    ralph: yes. this piece was HEAVILY dependent on presentation form. got it to work in word, but couldn't transfer to WF editor/display limitations. sorry.

    bazz-no aspirations to beatle. think audience demographic 200. many thanks for muddling through, and articulating your experience well.

    non serviam-intelligence is seldom prerequisite for the fiction i write. i will be more mindful in the future. sorry

    clark: poetry prose splatter. common contain(s), curtain(s) curtailed. it really isn't a poem, but to a complex trauma subject, reality frameworks fuse. jussayin'

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    Quote Originally Posted by -xXx- View Post
    i was saddened by the final number of popular votes.
    That's on me, to an extent - I forgot to open the poll until there were only three days left. Something to remember for next time.

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    Its been a while since I slumped the hot seat, it was wonderful to exercise the old noggin and see what was being served up. I suspect we are in a golden era for new writers. High fives all round.

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    *note to those powers-that-be*
    *rep handicap continues*
    *passive petition to bump up permit number*

    hjc-no worries.
    you did FAB!!!
    personal goals are good.

    bazz-there really is space for everything brought to table.
    belly up!

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