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    Lightbulb MARKETING TIP to Increase Visibility of Your Social Media Posts

    As most authors know, social media can be a cheap and effective tool (albeit time consuming) for purposes of promoting yourself and your books. One trick that I've found to increase visibility of my social media reach is to read books by other authors and post honest reviews on my social media (as well as on Amazon, Goodreads, etc.). Whenever I post a book review on Twitter, I always include a pic of the book cover and tag that author in my tweet with the hope that he/she will re-tweet it.

    HERE'S WHERE IT GET'S INTERESTING... If the author happens to be a celebrity or famous author and they re-tweet my review of their book on Twitter, my tweet will be shown to many of that author's Twitter fans!

    Case in point. I recently read Gilbert Gottfried's book entitled Rubber Balls and Liquor. I enjoy his raw and irreverent humor (which is present throughout his book), and I said so in my review of his book on Twitter. That same day, Gilbert re-tweeted it. And within 24 hours, my tweet had been seen by 14,000 people! (okay, some of those Twitter followers where probably bots, but you get the point) 14k views of my tweet is huge b/c I have less than 3k Twitter followers and most of my tweets usually get between 100 and 500 impressions. Also, I picked up a few new Twitter followers who liked my book review tweet and the pinned tweet on my Twitter page gained 150 views in the same 24 hour period. Nice!

    Similarly, I reviewed David Spade's book last year and 11,000 people viewed my tweet after David re-tweeted it.

    To be fair, I have also posted book reviews where the tagged author did not bother to re-tweet it. In those cases, my tweet was seen by a typical number of viewers (100 to 500).

    This trick to gain exposure probably works best for marketing purposes if you review a book that:
    a) is in the same genre as your book, or
    b) was written by a celebrity or author with a fan base that includes your target audience.

    I hope you find this little trick to be helpful! If you have any tricks to increase visibility of your social media posts, please share below!
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    Oh, I just started really paying attention to my Twitter analysis page to determine just who is following me and which of my many tweets are scoring high points and exceptional visibility. I've never examined these stats before. To my utter amazement, I have many A-list celeb authors who are following me, and these people have tens of thousands of followers--God knows how many likes, shares, tweets and all that jazz. I just now started following them back! Dear Lord. Now I'm reading up on all of them and sending some comments that I find appropriate and honestly stimulating.
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