Hello justrob. My original point was that 1984 was written by the influence of world war 1 2 and frightening regimes that were caused by having a large military force. Nothing is perfect in that countries and people can be greedy.

A well-known study by Harrison and Cantor of the University of Wisconsin shows that the younger a child is when allowed to view a horror film, the longer-lasting the effects. Undesirable behavior could also develop as they grow older with some having trauma and anxiety disorders well into adulthood. There are also cases where subjects succumbed to phobias or developed an unhealthy interest in the occult and paranormal.

Yes real life difficulties can cause problems that are a product of relationships that turn from good to bad that are crucial to navigating life's troubles when a child. Freud said something similar. Except he says it stays in our subconscious and we develop new ways to cope with this learned behavior which is troubling and can be said to be "not normal."

Science fiction is influenced by history in part. I wish I knew how to do that. I just know that writers use different sources of real life to inform their writing. It's a minor disagreement. Lord of the rings was as someone quoted Tolkien having said somewhere, is inspired by the greediness and spoils of war (and Christianity).