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Thread: Need Help Narrowing Down Sappy Idea

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    Need Help Narrowing Down Sappy Idea

    Hi Everyone!

    I am not much of a writer, though I do enjoy it. I recently became engaged and plan on having a long engagement. As a gift to my future husband on our wedding day, I want to give him a journal full of entries written by me. I am trying to figure out a type of theme, so that I can write something new every day and not have a lot of repetitive phrases. I want it to show how much he means to me and how I am thankful every day he's in my life. I am worried that if I start writing without any "guidelines" I will mess it up. Any feedback or ideas would be greatly appreciated!

    Sorry for all the lovey dovey stuff haha

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    What a lovely idea! I don't think it's at all sappy.

    Hmm, themes... you could run through the alphabet and each day write around a word beginning with that day's letter.

    How long till your wedding day? ie how many entries are you looking at doing?

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    This is a very sweet idea! I like the alphabet idea. You could also do numbered posts, so on Day 1 you might write about the first time you knew he was the one. Day 2, two things you want for your future. Day 3, three things that he's done that's made you laugh, etc. By day 300, things might get a little tricky, but this was the first thing I thought of!

    Ooh! Or embedded into whatever you end up writing you could have a code, so like an underlined word or letter in each entry and then they spell out a phrase that he'll get to read when he's finished reading all the entries.


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