C.S Lewis not a good poet according to a documentary

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Thread: C.S Lewis not a good poet according to a documentary

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    C.S Lewis not a good poet according to a documentary

    Several months ago I was watching a documentary that said C.S Lewis attempted many times to write good poetry but never managed to do so. It also said that even though his poetry was bad his prose was electrifying. I think that's the word it used. What I don't understand is this: If it is more difficult to produce the varied rhythms of prose than the rigid meter of poetry then why did C.S Lewis have such a hard time with things such as a simple iambic or trochaic meter? Maybe he did not really think about rhythm in his prose but just somehow had some kind of natural rhythm? I doubt that authors just write the way they talk, especially ones from earlier time periods. Maybe he actually was good at making words conform to meter but his poetry was still bad anyway.

    This makes me wonder about my poetry since I seem to manage meter well but for some reason it is still not good.

    What do you think?

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    I am not a good poet. So don't take this as advice but it is more for information purposes. Poets study prosody to rhyme better. I will say the following. I looked online for prosody books since I was researching how to write with the five senses the best ( to show and tell) and as we all know poetry is one approach to describing more specifically and with detail for prose writers. Prosody is the study of the sounds of poetry. It would be extremely difficult to find one on prose. But I will buy these how to books on prosody and poetry books at some point in the future. That being said a book for beginners or that is easy to understand is best for prosody and poetry. But I am not a poet or in a position to give advice on this as I am just informing you on what prosody really is. Which not many fiction writers know since it is the study of the sounds and rhythms.I bought 4 to 5 poetry books and none were for beginners.
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