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Thread: Valentine's Micropoetry Challenge - 2019

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    Wondrous Lucy, you look down from your cloud
    at us mere mortals.
    Your eyes are the stars
    and your neck,
    it drips with jewels.

    A pass of your hand
    shapes your cloud into words
    that no man can understand.

    Be my valentine

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    Ah my sweet angel,
    We've had our times,
    But with your title
    Nothing rhymes !!!
    'Sharing an experience creates a reality.' Create a new reality today.
    'There has to be some give and take.' If I can take my time I'm willing to give it.
    'The most difficult criticism that a writer has to comprehend is silence.' So speak up.

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    Do you know why there is Valentine's Day?
    Because it is a day that is the gift of love
    to you and me, to all the loving couples, to
    all the dating, being in a relationship and
    being in a marriage bond,
    it is for all the loved lives.

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    My Soul
    My Heart
    My Mind thinks you
    I think, no I don't think,
    I am sure that
    I am in love with you,
    it is my love for you
    that happened by
    My Soul, Heart, Mind.
    Will you be my VALENTINE?

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    Valentine couple canoodle
    bare their souls and hearts
    in the town centre park.

    I find myself wishing
    they'd find a room;
    they're sitting on my bed.

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    Frost on glass
    glimmering shards
    patterns perpetual
    hot exhale
    hazing (blazing) view
    in the moment
    lost in you

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