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    That's one helluva read Winston.
    If i post a comment on a "WIP", LOOK! I'm a reader that's all, and i can only tell how i feel, as a READER, giving/offering feedback. Hoping to learn and grow here. So please, tell me where i'm going wrong.

    Me? I'm just a fly on the wall.

    Look! I'm trying, okay?

    One can but dream, if only i had dared.

    "The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is an attribute of the strong" Mahatma Gandhi.
    Alas, i am weak.

    I must find a way to Eastbourne and i so wish that i could dance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Winston View Post
    Thanks. The debate lecterns are not, and should not be occupied here. I was simply relating an anecdote that shows (in my opinion) the folly of collectivism.
    For every Post Office, Library and Highway argument, I could counter with twenty stupid, wasteful government projects funded by forced taxation and pushed by provincial greedy imbeciles. An entire class of people live off the largess of others, getting their figurative elbows deep into the table and slurping up the good stuff.
    Those with power, be it corporate or political (or both), use and abuse those without power. Some excuse and forgive the oppressors, for whatever their reasons. I do not.
    Nothing more true. This disease is as rampant in our country as in others! Sad we have not learnt from history, for when human values are disregarded humanity suffers ultimately!Love&regards

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