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    Quote Originally Posted by Ralph Rotten View Post
    New writers: Here is a tip that you should consider writing scripture. I bring this up because not only do I see this issue ruin a lotta promising work, but I myself have to be constantly mindful of it.

    Never rush to tell the story.
    So true, so true! Some of the best advice I ever received, albeit phrased positively: "Let the story tell itself."
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    So for those writers who are new, or suffering from writer's block, today's post is a valuable lesson: Sometimes you are just not writing the right story.

    I mentioned in another thread that I felt that the 3 books I was working on were just not the books.
    They were last year's story, last year's way of telling a tale. None of them had a great hook, and without a hook people will never get past the blurb on Amazon.
    The jacket text (book description) is a choke-point in the sales process.

    So I set aside 3 books, roughly a hundred pages of writing, to work on the new story.
    This one has a built-in hook, and is unlike anything on the current market.
    It's sci-fi and a discussion of human sociology at the same time.
    It deals with things that could easily be a reality in the next century.

    So the lesson is this: Know when to cut & run. Just because you wrote a few pages does not mean you are married to that story.

    PS: Kudos to Moderan for being right. A while back I had posted a list of book projects I wanted to write and asked for feedback on which to write first.
    All of you suggested choices, then because I'm an asshole, I didn't listen to any of you.
    But now I see that Moderan was right--this story was the best of the ideas.
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    I am always right. Just ask me
    Glad I could help in some small way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by moderan View Post
    I am always right. Just ask me
    Glad I could help is some small way.

    And you are modest too.

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