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Thread: Hello from the internet of old

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    Hello Copression! Welcome to our writerly home!

    I, too, recall the days of hoping my dialup would actually connect and stay connected for the time I needed it. I had no hard drive on that big PC at first. Now I have a whole TB of space on a 15" Asus that is quickly dwindling, and my internet connection is rarely off. Although for the past few months it has been since my laptop crashed and I couldn't get it fixed until a bit ago. I was lost without my connections!

    It's a wonder I remember I have a family . . . or that they remember me!
    Writing is 3% talent and 97% not getting distracted by the Internet Ė Anonymous
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    You've burst my bubble. I thought it was the age of innocence.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Myk3y View Post
    There were hackers... we just didnít advertise the fact.

    I remember when Ďhackerí meant something other than nefarious computer pursuits... it was what you got paid to do to keep things running.
    Whoops, my bad. I can't even do this properly and I'm writing a novel. LOL

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