How to call off an audiobook contract with my book?

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Thread: How to call off an audiobook contract with my book?

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    How to call off an audiobook contract with my book?

    Over the summer, I published a non-fiction book and requested an audio format through ACX. However, in September, I was too overwhelmed with marketing the book that I took it off the market. I planned to republish it in February (next month). However, I am starting to lose interest in the book and am wanted to not republish it. While it got a lot of positive reviews, a high amount of people also said that I should've waited until I was more successful. I kind of agree. I also thought of this book too last minute without much thought and wrote it within a couple months. I actually don't think it's very worthy for the market. I want to tell the audiobook narrator that I plan to republish. But she has recorded the book, which is about 30K words or so. How can I tell her that I don't want to sell the book anymore? Should I contact ACX first?
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    Has anyone ever tried to call off an audiobook before?

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    I have published a few audiobooks via ACX, but never called one off. Did you do the royalty share arrangement or did you agree to pay the narrator for his/her time to make it? If you paid the narrator, then I'm guessing you may still be on the hook to pay the narrator (in which case the narrator probably doesn't mind that you are not going to publish the audiobook). If you did a royalty-share agreement, I'm guessing the narrator won't be too happy that he/she did all that work and there's not chance of getting any royalties in return. Regardless of which method you chose (royalty share or paid the narrator a fee), I'm sure the agreement you signed on ACX will probably address the issue of cancelling the audiobook. If I were you, I'd probably call ACX and ask them for advice on your options to cancel. I've found them to be helpful/friendly whenever I've called ACX for help.

    Good luck!
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    How did it go, sunay? Did you magange to cancel?
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