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Thread: Brexit. Discussion Only.

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    The way I consume news compensates for the inaccuracies of a single outlet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ralph Rotten View Post
    The way I consume news compensates for the inaccuracies of a single outlet.
    everything's skewed in my state. They don't even report the sh... It's not one outlet, its one source repeated by a bunch of outlets. People from other states have no clue about the realities of my state because of this.

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    That's why when I read the news I go to google and search for the word NEWS, and read them all, including Fox. The only one I skip is US News because they are soooo shallow. US News is like reading Time Magazine: Once you read the synopsis, you've pretty much read the whole article.

    Once you read them all, you can better see the true shape of the world.

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    I include The Onion in my news diet.
    It turns out Boris Johnson lost a bet with Theresa May. Now, if May can get a Brexit resolution before May Day, Johnson has to go to work the next day in drag.
    Opportunities abound! Land and titles available! Be bold! Enquire now!
    See Cazique Gregor MacGregor of details.

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    Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson. For marketing purposes, Boris Johnson. Possibly the most accomplished marital cheat the UK will ever have for PM.

    The current PM is about to ram her deal up against the hardcore lunatics again, and again, until it gets through.

    I do get threats by people who don't like me pointing out the holes in their Brexit religion. I dare not discuss it with my wife.

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    Do you think the PM could get away with declaring Brexit to be a national emergency and demanding to build a big wall between Northern Ireland and Eire to solve the Irish backstop problem, or is that just too ridiculous to contemplate? Is it any more ridiculous than what is currently happening here though?

    Now that our folding currency is made from tough plastic is it less likely to crumble, do you think? We've noticed that once it gets crumpled it stays crumpled permanently though. Also, is the pound in our pockets now made from two different metals because they couldn't decide which to choose?

    Ah, the symbolism of it all.
    'Sharing an experience creates a reality.' Create a new reality today.
    'There has to be some give and take.' If I can take my time I'm willing to give it.
    'The most difficult criticism that a writer has to comprehend is silence.' So speak up.

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    Round our house:

    "...I've heard of it, and it just so happens I do have an opinion."
    "Well, I feel it's a terrible waste."
    "What is?"
    "Leavin' all that food."
    "What food?"
    "Brekfist- who don't like brekfist?"

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    For those of you who wish to discover the true madness of it all, I recommend James O' Brian, on LBC radio. 10.00-13.00 weekdays. His twitter feed is a bit tame in comparison. There is a podcast.

    I wish my imagination was a match for reality.

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    Sigh... Brexit is a pantomime and I am embarrassed to be British.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PiP View Post
    Sigh... Brexit is a pantomime and I am embarrassed to be British.
    The irony is that the process has made the lumbering EU look united and competent.


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