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Thread: Brexit. Discussion Only.

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    The EU allowed Europe to compete on even ground against America, China, & Japan. But AFTER Brexit, the UK won't even be able to compete with California.

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    On Twitter I found a video of Anna Soubry, owning up to being fooled. It is not often a politician owns up and apologises.

    Most Brexit voters I meet are religiously engaged, beyond facts and into 'God made it so.' I wonder if we will end up with partitioning England?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bazz cargo View Post
    I wonder if we will end up with partitioning England?
    Independence for Staplecross and Ewehurst parish NOW !
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    i wonder if the price of a rolling stones ticket will go down after march 29
    The only one who can heal you is you.

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    I pledge my troth... to Lady Jane

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    ^ Well done Kev, I hope you have a beautiful wedding and a great life.
    And so to Brexit.

    We are now into Through The Looking Glass territory. Nothing makes sense. The Government has whipped against their own motions. The obnoxious windbag is asking the EU to intervene. The anti-democratic EU is soon holding the next round of elections. Holding a people's vote is anti-democratic and A Hard Brexit which will mean hardship and chaos will be good for us!!!

    I was promised a deal done in an afternoon.
    A better deal than we have now.
    A free pass into the continent so we could use the EU membership contribution to help the NHS.
    No more foreigners.
    Higher wages.
    Cheaper prices.
    No more foreign laws.

    What I am being offered is...
    More than twenty years more negotiating.
    A version of austerity that will take me back to the Second World War level of rationing.
    Fewer rights.
    More unemployment.
    Lower wages.
    More foreigners from further afield without a reciprocal deal.
    A continuous expenditure on border tariffs.
    The World Trade Organisation being in charge of our laws.
    This, by the way, is what is going to be good for me.

    Dunkirk Spirit guys, that will see us through...

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    BAzz, the PEOPLE have voted. It doesn't matter they were fed manure ... Brexit, means Brexit! they can have 20 different votes in PArliament but the people only got one...

    Here's something to consider.

    Pig-pooh fuel is more eco-friendly than diesel. You feed the pigs, they poop and provide fuel as well as food. Yay, the UK is to become an independent nation of pig farmers. Each household can have its own pig to produce fuel. It goes to the vote: diesel or pig-pooh fuel. The idealists were sold the dream and by a slim majority (of those who could be bothered to get off their butts and vote) won. Britain was to be powered by pig-pooh! The rest of Europe groaned at their stupidity.

    However, many of the more skeptical politicians were not sold on the idea and when more facts emerged they, the constituents representatives, voted against it. They tried to explain that pig pooh stunk... not everyone could keep pigs, there would be vet bills, sanitation issues and a whole host of other challenges, but no... the people were sold the idea of pig-pooh fuel, and regardless of the consequences, they'd voted and they wanted pig-pooh fuel.

    Ho hum... when the shit of realization eventually hits the fan... duck, because pig-pooh fuel was only meant to be used by farmers to avoid paying the toxin tax. So the pipedream of the few became the nightmare of the masses. Here endeth the parable on Brexit
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    Since when did you believe the promises of politicians, Bazz ? I should be wary of those offers as well, it probably won't actually be that good.
    A new story

    I finally got 'A Family Business' recorded and loaded, all 37 mins of it, much longer than any I have done before.
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    I was following media closely when Brexit was brewing, and it looked like Putin really jangled the anti-immigration nerve. I remember reading people's logic for Brexit and thinking "But Brexit WON'T fix those things."
    There'd still be immigration, there'd be trade issues, and it was a safe bet that the rest of the EU would gouge them in the market (as retribution for kicking them to the curb like a one-night-stand.)

    [email protected]# Putin.

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    Can't comment on brexit- not with any 'authority'.

    Reading headlines or stories doesn't give a full or even an actual picture of what's going on here, where I live. I know that because I live here. I see things written about here- partial pictures that may even cite stats- stupid stats that aren't specific enough, leave out things- which is spin- and then opinions by people who are then misinformed or uninformed.

    That's me and brexit, except I don't give an opinion. I would need to be on the ground to know what's going on. That's what I think judging by how things are reported about here, where I live, and not reported about.
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