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Thread: Brexit. Discussion Only.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ralph Rotten View Post
    The hang up with the negotiations is that the UK wants the same trade deal they have already.
    But that's like asking for the Cosco discount without actually being a member of Cosco.
    The bottom line is this: If Brexit really does happen, it will mean a crappy trade deal with each of the EU nations.
    Hell hath no fury like a nation scorned. The EU will not cut you a deal as good as the one you have now.
    No, of course they won't, and what many fail to realise is that we already had the best deal in the EU; they bent over backwards to keep us onside and not leave. Some humorously referred to it as Germany-plus-plus. We didn't join the single currency (we tried, but market forces prevented it in '92), we had an opt-out from the Schengen deal, and we had an ongoing financial rebate. We are now faced with the break-up of the United Kingdom. Although the Scots have been told that they won't get an independence referendum for at least five years, the groundswell north of the border may yet become Britain's Catalonia, and the Northern Irish may well decide that remaining in the EU is sufficient reward for reuniting with the Republic of Ireland. Under the Good Friday Agreement, Ireland doesn't need Westminster's "permission" to initiate a reunification referendum. It would actually require two referenda, one for the North and another for the Republic, and both would have to return a "Yes" for it to happen. The Republic would surely vote to reunify, but the situation in the North is less clear.
    If it doesn't work out, I can always die in a ditch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Biro View Post
    Again more misinfo

    Yeah you should as they say be careful for what you wish for.

    I live in a country of 'proportion representation' and it's the biggest con, biggest mess, biggest catastrophe anybody could have.

    What happens is the politicians who get voted in do nothing for their electorate because they don't have any power because unless there is a landslide to one party, the other politicians gang together to stop the right things being done.

    This is done if it affects the politicians losing out in some way. So in the end any change for good never comes.

    The people are just left frustrated because they simply cannot change a thing even by voting.

    The politicians even engineer situations where an election is delayed so that they can keep their lucrative well paid jobs as long as possible.

    The country is stuck in a mire where the people want other but the politicians do not want the same and control everything to have their way.

    In effect the democracy of the people has been taken away. You could liken it to what has gone on in the British parliament for the past 3.5 years..........stalemate for all the wrong reasons to suit those in parliament and not government.

    The only change comes when the people are given the chance to vote for what they what happened last week and that is best suited to 'first past the post'.

    The antics of last summer in Westminister are exactly the results of having proportional representation. In other words no majority.
    Please don't accuse me of propagating misinformation. The word misinformation strongly implies intent i.e. intentional lies.
    As for the part about PR stopping politicians doing the right thing, it can also stop them doing the wrong thing. First past the post has been abused by governments of both shades in the UK.
    Apart from any of this, I'm not advocating any change in whatever nation you come from - I'm advocating it in the UK.

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    Everyone, the discussion has run its course. Brexit is a fact, no need to drag it out any further in a discussion here.
    I'd like all of you to read this post:

    Happy writing, this thread is now closed.
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