Where to shelf it?

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Thread: Where to shelf it?

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    Where to shelf it?

    So this is on a specific piece, but more general advice is going to be needed too.
    Trying to put my first piece up. It's present day realistic romance, 10k words (novelette size), and contains two non-explicit sex scenes, one f/f (described as a letdown) and one f/m. First person, transgender female protagonist.
    How do I figure out what tags to put on this? The heat levels on romance pages are all over the board. I don't know if it needs to be flagged 18+, since it's soundly R rated and under. I don't really consider it a selling point to go at the f/f demographic for it.
    The next piece is going to be even more of a mess.

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    I dunno, but...

    Does this help?

    That's nothing but a shot in the dark, using a Google search.

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