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    Annihilation, by Jeff VanderMeer

    I had high expectations for this series (The Southern Reach trilogy) but barely made it through book 1. I found the characters lifeless, the plot obtuse, and the writing banal. The one thing VanderMeer did well was echoing his protagonist's psyche with his writing style. This emotionally distant character was reflected in his flat, flavorless style throughout the first part of the book. Then, as the Biologist (no name given) began to feel the effects of area 'X' the writing became more descriptive and life-like. Never enough, however, to rescue the book.
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    Polarizing series. I loved the first one and found that my enjoyment waned as I went along. Strongly obtuse and full of suggestion rather than realization. BORNE, his next novel, is much more interesting and fun. I really enjoyed the movie and I must say that Jeff is a pretty good guy who does great work for sf in general. He was integral to the recent revival of David Bunch's work and his anthologies are awesome.
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