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    I really enjoyed reading this. As some one who often ponders on the futility of existence, I can relate to the listless apathy that you describe. Your piece flows very well and I love the imagery! I don't know if you have ever watched the TV show True detective. The first season was written by Nic pizzolatto and has a very cynical character named Rustin Cohle. He has an extremely jaded outlook on life and often goes into philosophical monologues about apathy, religion and the raw deal that life is. You might enjoy it if you haven't watched it.
    You know me well, my friend, and I definitely have watched this season and loved it immensely. And then became jaded with the next season...

    Life, lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kaminoshiyo View Post
    For some reason it never looks wrong until I post... Is there a medical term for this?
    Yes, a panic attack.
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    Nicely told. It was a good reflection on what makes us tick as people. One part of me is just a little envious. I have never managed apathy. I would like to try it out at some point in my life. I can not remain silent, not remain uninvolved. In situations that I should remain on the side lines...I often try... but then jump in to see what I can do to help. There are the same rewards that you felt on a daily bases for me, but it is also tiring and there are times I wish I could just let things go. Your piece moved me to think about this...I am sure I will never change, but thanks for articulating your view and making me a little more aware...Bob
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