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    Post for a friend

    The following 2 poems and introduction were written by Wuxinjian from mainland China. Since he could not register he asked me to post for him and look for some critiques in this forum. Very appreciate it! Thank you!

    Endless Longing

    The yellow-leafed tree stands in the rain,
    Two parting lovers hold so tight in pain.
    Thousands of miles far apart tomorrow,
    In their hearts endless longing will grow.

    Endless Loving Thoughts

    The yellow-leafed trees stand in the rain,
    And two parting lovers in sorrow hold so tight.
    Tomorrow being thousands of miles far apart again,
    Two aching hearts crave for each other day and night.

    Revised on October 7, 2018Wuxinjian, born in 1972, is a native of Luzhou, Sichuan. He graduated from Nanjing University as a math major and now teaches compter programming in a vocational and technical college. However, he loves translating poems so much. Over the past ten more years, he has translated more than two thousand poems and gradually formed a rather unique poetry-translating style.
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    Are these translations of a poem he wrote? I notice that it seems to be two versions of the same poem. Of the two I think I prefer the first one. I would cut the word 'far' from the third line.
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