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Thread: Creating Names For Your Characters

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    Actually, I'm kind of fond of giving characters tags, along with their nicknames.

    Like.. J.D. "Just Don't" Cerberus.

    Or, Kat "I'll scratch your damned eyes out if you dare call me 'Kitty' " Brennan.

    And Marcus "Will work for Beer" Lamann

    I'm rather fond of Josephine ( Jo ) "You buy it I'll drink it" Lesale as well.

    It's just the little, silly stuff like that, that gives an idea of who these characters are, in my opinion.

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    There are as many philosophies about naming characters as there are writers. Personally, I like to put some thought into my main character's names. My reader is going to be seeing those names a lot so I want to come up with something that is comfortable and memorable. I think main character names -- and by 'main character' I don't mean just my protagonist -- should be easy to read and to pronounce. They should also fit the character (unless I'm trying to be ironical).

    A few names I've come up with for my main characters: Ernie Lovell, Hank Bishop, Samuel Behan, Aaron Geist, Kalman Geist, Noah Kreider, Gabriel Ryder, Dalton Thorn, Ricky Deets, Rosellen (Rose) Hunter, Issac Cole. The only names in there that actually have 'meaning' for the story are, Kalman Geist -- in German geist means ghost, and poor old Kalman becomes one -- and Gabriel Ryder. Gabriel is, of course, a reference to the archangel and is a name associated with faithfulness and strength, two traits that my character has in spades.

    I also try to make sure my character's names are appropriate to the time frame and location of the story. When I wrote about Southern Illinois in 1852 I used names with German and French roots and sure didn't name anyone Dakota, or Justin. Names are fun.
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    I get my character names from the dictionary, the phone book, or from Maddon 25's draftee list. True story. Or they're variations of people's names, as I Tuckerize someone nearly every time.
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