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Thread: My ebook Project Eye

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    My ebook Project Eye

    Hi, against all odds I have an ebook out in the world it can be found at Amazon. If anyone wants a free copy, let me know and I will sort you out with one. All I ask in return is for an honest review.

    Here is the blur:

    In the far future, a terrorist attack within the galactic union sets in motion a series of events that will lead to war across the Milky Way. At the centre of this conflict is the mysterious Project Eye, which has built humanityís newest supercomputer, created to predict the future.

    However, the computer hides many dark secrets, as the Stone family is about to find out. As schoolboy John Stone, his adult siblings, the Galactic Guardian Wolf and Special Forces operative Berenice will each be pulled in to their own quests across space and reality. Force to confront surreal artificial realms, hidden magic, megalomaniacs and maybe each other. Yet if they canít keep going past the limits of their endurance, then more could be lost, than just a war.
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    What is the name of the book so I can check it out on Amazon?

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    Oh, look, someone posted a review!
    How awesome for you, eh?

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    Awsome! What is the name of the book? Does it have anything to do with astrology? I love those astrology related magic themes! there aren't really too many of them to be honest)
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    hey, how do 2 update my profile pic here? PLZ let me know anyone thnx

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    Quote Originally Posted by rosalie39 View Post
    hey, how do 2 update my profile pic here? PLZ let me know anyone thnx
    Hi Rosalie, please read the New Members FAQ, everything you need to know, also about your profile, is explained in there
    Welcome to WF.
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    The book is called Project Eye. The story is sort of spit into two, part of the story is set in a Narnia like fantasy world, while the rest is full on space opera.
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    "My ebook, Project Eye."

    Sorry, couldn't help myself...

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