I was trying to write a Christmas poem for this season, and then I realized - I'd already written a Christmas poem. It was just I didn't consider it as such because I wrote it as lyrics to a black metal song. . .(I guess by this definition, though, Pantokrator's Incarnate is a Christmas song, too \_(ツ)_/ )


The stars laid down their spears
And the moon clutched her barren womb
The sun hid in a curtain of shame
As he stepped down. . .
Down to earth

Unknowable, unspeakable
An ungrown fetus that would fit in my hand
Who is. . .who is like him?

What fear would clutch her breast
What love would tear her heart
As he reaches up his arms to her
Crying to be nursed. . .
And she carries him, struck dead with awe

Unknowable, unspeakable
The word that created the multiverse
He is. . .he is bound to death

I an animal sick in sin
And he an animal pure
The planets still orbit the sun
But the cosmos is upside-down. . .
The cosmos is upside down

Unknowable, unspeakable
What is this madness he ordained?
Madness. . .madness that will rescue me.