Can you make money on Kindle Unlimited?

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    Can you make money on Kindle Unlimited?

    Okay, I was off KU-KOLL for a couple years and decided to try them again.
    But I have always been suspicious about how they pay out.

    See, they don;t pay a flat rate.
    Every month they add X dollars...the amount changes with their mood and has no bearing on overall membership revenue.
    They just pluck a number from the air and decide that's the pot for the whole thing.

    So I decided to do the math and see just how much they actually pay.
    On one hand, they only paid $0.0046 per page...
    On the other, it was $208 worth of revenue I may not have seen otherwise.
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    I think the main point of KU has been agreed to be how much it tweaks your analytics, and I suspect that's harder to get good numbers on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dluuni View Post
    I think the main point of KU has been agreed to be how much it tweaks your analytics, and I suspect that's harder to get good numbers on.


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    See I don't mind using Amazon as a customer. But when it comes to using it as a proprietor, I just hear too many negatives. And I could ignore one or two of them but when the majority of people who publish through Kindle tell me roughly the same thing, it's a big red flag.
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    Good topic. Thanks for sharing. I've been thinking off and on about putting one of my books into KU just to test the waters and see how it goes. Might try that next spring for my first book, but still not sure.

    I think there are 2 ways to look at KU.

    On the one hand, KU pays terrible royalties per page compared to ebook royalties earned outside of KU. Just for comparison sake, my brand new book (about book marketing) is 146 pages and it currently earns 1.37 cents per page royalties, which is 3X more than the Sept. KU payout. As another example, my 2nd book (a self-publishing guide) is only 64 pages and I currently earn about 6.25 cents per page, which is 13X more than the Sept. KU payout.

    On the other hand, you could compare being in KU and having access to KU readers. If you assume for a moment that KU readers never pay full price for eBooks, then the KU payout is add'l revenue that you can tap into with no downside. However, if you assume that at least *some* KU readers would buy your full price ebook, then that means you are trading KU payout rate (0.0046 cents per page) for full price eBook payout rate (upto 6.25 cents per page in one example). But that trade-off only applies to the extent that KU readers choose to read your book in KU rather than pay the full-price.

    1) What % of KU readers ONLY read books that are available on KU (rather than buying full-price eBooks)
    2) What % of KU readers ONLY read FICTION books (mine are all nonfiction, so I wonder if KU would really be beneficial to me)
    3) Are KU readers more likely to leave Amazon reviews as compared to full-price eBook readers? (if so, it might be worth it to put my books into KU just to get more reviews!)
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